Cruising Tabernas

Cruising Tabernas

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Cruising Tabernas

Zel & Balasz embark on a fictional route – secular pilgrimage, a journey through the long forgotten desert of Tabernas where Spaghetti Westerns were produced. The journey itself is the destination, the story is told through the landscape which interplays with the characters as they walk into new territories within the language of erotic cinema.

Festival History:
Lesgai Film Festival, Spain
Outfest 2014, Peru
VII Festival Internacional de la Diversidad Sexual (Cine Movilh), Chile
Cine Gay Lésbico Trans de Lima, Peru
El lugar sin Limites, Ecuador
Cologne LGBT Filmfest, Germany
Skeivefilmer Oslo Film Festival, Norway

Artist Bio:
Spanish – Welsh Artist (b.1983), Málaga. Lives and works in London.

Rafael received a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University, London UK, he is currently studying an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University.

Pérez Evans has exhibited internationally with recent exhibitions including solo at Nogueras Blanchard (Barcelona), Despina (Rio de Janeiro), Matadero (Madrid), Queens C. (Marrakesh), Abierto Theredoom (Madrid), Yusto Giner Gallery (Marbella), Paratext, Hangar (Barcelona). He was recently nominated for the DKV prize 2018 (Barcelona), Miquel Casablancas Award (2017 & 2018) and Art Nou Prize 2017 (Barcelona) and awarded with ‘A Secas’ Museum C.A.A.C (Sevilla). He has completed residencies in Hangar (Barcelona), Matadero (Madrid), Red Studios (São Paulo) & Sassafrass (USA). Rafael has an interest in expanded pedagogies where formal and informal platforms for knowledge exchange are created and disseminated, he created Alto Residency in the jungle of Alto Paraiso (Brazil), was co-founder of Art Lab Romita 26 (Mexico City), is part of the Gazua Project (Rio de Janeiro). He has been a visiting lecturer at University of Rochester (UK), Nottingham Trent University (UK) and is currently an associate lecturer at London College of Fashion (UK).

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