Video Title:
Mom, can my friends come over?

In life when we look at sexuality as a dirty deviant behavior, it’s a reflection on our own cultural and emotional barriers. As we keep growing and evolving we realize those constructs are flawed and preconceived. It’s an opportunity that allows us to enhance our lives with more than carnal delight, and transcend from pornography to the divine. From a distance, SEX is just another word for Spirituality. Most of my pictures are a combination of sexuality and raw colors mixed with a total lack of respect for photography rules, meaning that the pictures I take correspond to an intimate, chaotic, and in my perspective, more natural look at individuals. All pictures are made with people who have an active part in my life (friends), whom I thank for opening up the window of their private life and allow me recreate a prejudice free perspective on real life.

Artist Bio:
Luis Pedro de Castro was born in Guimarães, Portugal in 1981. After 14 years of having Barcelona in their heart, they feel like paying a tribute to the open-minded and loving individuals that allowed for such personal and nostalgic memories to be part of a collective experience that we can share. While studying photography in Barcelona, he dedicated himself to the portrayal of gender fluid interpretations in post porn theory and performance. He began manipulating his photographs using digital software to achieve an aesthetic inspired by Renaissance painting and as a way to create visual consistency from photos taken with multiple cameras that he borrows from friends.