Performance Title:
Partner / You

The voice you hear during the performance is an instant and direct interaction call from an online sex internet website. Its robotic crude vibrations emerge from the same brutal pulsions on which Stravinsky's Rite of Spring are rooted. From today's sexual web communication back to the archaïc ritual of procreation, there is a continuum link, the link where time and space unfurl into the dance of the universe. During the performance, the dancer is online with a direct messenging website, through which people are connected at random.

This type of game brings a rhythm of gamble, as we never know who will be the chosen partner , at the same time that it designs the rhythm of the whole piece.A triangular relationship is thus created between the two performers, the audience and the anonymous partner/partners. Through this contemporary rite, Chantal Yzermans looks back on the primitive one of Stravinsky's Rite, she finds here a continuity with the pagan ritual, together with the original musical composition of the Madrilene minimal techno artist Substuff.

Premiere Festival Escena Contemporanea, Madrid, February 2013
Concept Chantal Yzermans
Dance Chantal Yzermans
Guest Performer Carlos Aires
Music Sacre du Printemps (Stravinsky)
Original Music Substuff
Designer Jean Paul Lespagnard
Photo Laetia Bica

With The Support Of
Stad Antwerpen 2013
Festival Escena Contemporanea (Madrid)
Flanders House Madrid

In Collaboration With
Jan Fabre / Troubleyn Antwerpen (BE)
Teatro Danza Canal Madrid (ES)
Kunstencentrum Vooruit Gent (BE)
Monty Kunstencentrum(BE)

Artist Bio:
Chantal Yzermans is a Belgian choreographer and dancer creating performances in collaboration with visual artists, musicians and dancers and scientists. As a dancer she lived and worked in New York City from 2000 till 2006. There she studied daily for 5 years with Merce Cunningham and his company. In 2007, Belgian artist Jan Fabre offered Chantal an artistic residency where she created the ensemble Radical Low, an open structure that facilitates the production of highly diverse projects and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Chantal's fascination for movement is rooted in the investigation of the human body: as the subject and the object in our society, with its historical, socio-political and cultural developments. Her latest creations all gravitate around nature versus technology, contemporary rituals and artistic appropriation. As a resident in la Cité des Arts Paris in 2014 she started the research project in collaboration with Dr. Joelle Adrien, neuro scientist of sleep and head of the research group at INSERM / Faculté de Médecine Pitié- Salpétrière-Paris. NOBOLERO (2016) was created out of this research, connecting dance with the scientific research on sleep and the origin of dreams, challenging the artistic movement, discharging the choreography from all its references, beyond the intellectual appropriation of a piece of art. In May June 2017 Chantal Yzermans worked at La Briqueterie Centre de Développement Chorégraphique (FR) Tanzhaus Zurich (S) where she collaborated with musician composer Hantrax and visual artist Edwin Deen. Their collaboration will culminate into a three act event that will be presented in non-traditional urban settings, unannounced and DYI spirit.

In 2018 Chantal Yzermans/Radical Low was invited by curators Jan Fabre/Joanna De Vos to present a new video/performance presented at The Raft.Art is (not) Lonely exhibition that runs till April 2018 at Mu.ZEE in Oostende (BE).

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