Bubbles  (2014)

Bubbles (2014)

Video #1 Title:

Inspired by Eugene O’Neill’s play The Hairy Ape, which questions a sense of belonging in a world controlled by the rich (according to Wikipedia), and Michael Jackson’s pet monkey Bubbles, the video was exclusively made for a performance by the same name touching on themes of domination, debt, sexuality and animality.


Video Direction and Editing:
Carlos Maria Romero

Bubbles, Carlos Maria Romero, Michael Hart, Hermes Pittakos, Sanuye Shoteka, and later Rafael Perez Evans, Newton (See) Whitelaw and Charles Gonzalez Bernal.  

Michael Hart 

Sanuye Shoteka

HQ - (I Feel so Mezzaniney), 2018

HQ - (I Feel so Mezzaniney), 2018

Video #2 Title:
HQ - (I Feel so Mezzaniney), 2018

The video is the documentation of a performance for three dancers and one musician, and the latest mutation of Steven Warwick's “Mezzanine” performance series, each of which responds to the architecture in which it is performed, in conjunction with Maria Romero's choreographic practice.

Dancers (Las Mezzaninas) are maids-in-waiting, performing labour and acting out the conflicts found in and on platform capitalism, where self-care routines and community-building are monetised and gaslighting fragments trust. Sound is dissected and reduced to minimal rhythms found on runways and in queer club spaces. If go-go is a dance form that often objectifies the body into a spectacle to be gazed at by the voyeur, in the fictive HQ the pose of the body is changed into an ambient form; less spectacle, more part of the furniture. Warwick and Maria Romero deliberately inhabit this ecology with bodies and sound as a temporal sculpture, referencing contemporary feelings of isolation to question agency in an age of unsettling populism.

Video + Performance Crediting:

Filmed On: 24/03/2018 

Artist Residence: Etopia - Center for Art and Technology, Zaragoza, Spain

Music: Steven Warwick 
Choreography: Carlos Maria Romero 
Performers: Laura Sorribes, Indward of Jesus, Carlos Maria Romero, Ivan Miguel, Sonia Lanuza, Pablo Lasala and Rosa Herrero 
Cameras: Ana Escario and Hector Lopez 
Video Editing: Ana Escario
Sound Mix: Santiago Latorre and Nieves Arilla

FUGA Project developed in a residence curated by Santiago Latorre
Etopia (Zaragoza, Spain): 01/06/2018 - 03/26/2018
BORN MUSIC LEAK is a Project with the support of ETOPIA and ZARAGOZA CULTURAL


Carlos Maria Romero Bio:
London-based Colombian multidisciplinary artist and performer with a background in dance and live art working in the fields of performing and visual arts, heritage and architectural activism, pedagogy and curating. Maria Romero is the third member of SPIT! (Sodomites, Inverts, Perverts Together!) with whom they wrote and keep presenting a series of queer manifestos responding to contemporary pressing issues of sexual and gender oppression (initially part of Frieze Projects 2017), and a founding member of Vividero Colectivo, a group of multidisciplinary artists and architects revealing narratives in which historically marginalised social practices and architectural sides are re-claimed as cultural heritage. In 2016 Carlos created for people aged 50+ Vogue-Chi, a movement practice that evolved into a multigenerational queer and allies safe space for self-expression and coming together, and that nowadays is provided through Micro Rainbow International to LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees.


Steven Warwick Bio:
Steven Warwick aka Heatsick, Berlin resident artist, constantly challenging the boundaries between high culture and popular culture, between artistic disciplines and genres, keeping a discursive line with politically charged. In his artistic practice is to construct narratives and situations through various media such as music, performance, installation, sculpture and theater.